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Filipino-Canadian Fashion Designer Tristan Licud is a natural-born artist with a background in architecture. He concentrates on high-end ready to wear to couture pieces for both men’s and women’s fashion.


Born on June 21st, 1990, Tristan Licud truly recognized his talent in arts at a very young age showing interest in designing especially in architecture and fashion. Already majoring in Architecture, Tristan made the pivotal decision to shift his degree and interest to the world of fashion. Utilizing his architectural experience with lines and proportions, Tristan combined these visual techniques to create timeless and well-balanced pieces.


“My background in architecture was very useful, it gave me a deep perspective in understanding lines and proportions in drafting patterns. My knowledge of visual techniques, proper detailing, and rendering has been applied in presenting my own fashion designs. “Fashion is a type of architecture where aesthetics, functionality, and innovations always need to be considered.”

–Tristan Licud

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