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Allyson Gail Ped is the Filipino creative behind the brand ALLYSON PED. The brand is known for mixing Philippine aesthetics, Filipino local craftsmanship, and Avant-garde fashion.


Allyson moved to Canada in 2019 and started her design studio and brand in 2022. She recently graduated from Seneca College with an Advanced Diploma in Fashion Arts and is currently studying Fashion Management at George Brown College. Allyson’s design concepts are applied in the clothes’ intricate textile work – influenced by places, like Vigan City, with historical details everywhere. Her designs are avant-garde in nature but viewed through the unique lens of “Filipinoness”.


In her new collection, Allyson used handwoven textiles called Inabel from her home province, Ilocos Sur. The weaving technique used in the textiles was passed down from many generations of Ilocano weavers. Allyson’s great-grandmother was a weaver and using Inabel for the collection was a symbol of reconnecting with her ancestors.

“Growing up in the Philippines, I am always inspired by local craftsmanship produced in my hometown. As a designer, I use fashion as an outlet to celebrate my heritage and I want to continue it moving forward in my design journey. I will do that by infusing my creativity and my culture in every avant-garde and ready-to-wear clothing piece that I design.”

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