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Blanche Hanger, a distinguished fashion house based in Toronto, epitomizes luxury and elegance in the realm of South Asian formal bridal and party wear. Palka, the brand's founder, is a visionary designer whose love for haute couture was ignited by her passion for fashion and refined by years of creating her own exquisite garments and learning the art of couture from her seamstress mother.


As Palka's reputation for creating bespoke pieces of exceptional beauty grew, she caught the eye of an elite clientele, and soon, Blanche Hanger was born. Palka's signature style masterfully blends the timeless essence of Eastern culture with the chic sophistication of Western fashion, reflecting the designer's own heritage and upbringing in Toronto.


At Blanche Hanger, Palka weaves her fashion magic, crafting awe-inspiring designs that are an eloquent tribute to the designer's unique artistic vision. Her ability to seamlessly blend contemporary and classic styles with her meticulous attention to detail and her extraordinary talent in translating her clients' desires into reality has made her a much sought-after designer in the world of high-end fashion. Palka's creations exude an unparalleled sense of luxury, and her commitment to providing a shopping experience that is simply divine is the hallmark of her brand. With a bright future ahead, Palka and Blanche Hanger will continue to reign supreme as the ultimate destination for those seeking the pinnacle of South Asian couture.

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