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JUNE 1, 2024 6PM-10PM


Sponsored by

Rollerpony, 75 Westmore Dr Unit B, Etobicoke. 

over 30,000 sq. ft of fashion, shopping & fun!

$10K raised for designers in 2023!

TFE was created to support designers to help them grow their brands. Let's give them even more in 2024!

What to Expect at TFE 2024

Our goal with each show is allow our guests to immerse themselves in a different experience while enjoying a night of fashion. Our first show in May 2023 offered a night of luxury, this year we will be taking you on a different experience, "A night in Miami" .

The theme  was inspired by Miami’s eclectic fashion influences, bold colors, sizzling energy and it’s close association with an ideal “summer”. To echo this theme our fashion show won't be at a typical location, we are excited to host our next event at Rollerpony, an indoor roller skating rink that was launched in November 2022 that is sprinkled with neon lights, bold colours and an energetic atmosphere! 


Everything from the food and drinks to the fashion you see on the runway will embrace the theme and we want our guests to be a part of the theme by dressing the part to showcase your interpretation of "a night in Miami". Extra points if you go for the old school Miami look!

The designers featured in the show will be carefully curated to capture the essence of the theme while representing the diversity of Toronto. 

It will be an unforgettable night that you don't want to miss!

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Cocktail Drinks

The Venue

We are excited to have our next show at Rollerpony, a new roller skating rink that's over 30,000 sq.ft which is located at 75 Westmore Dr Unit B, Etobicoke. 


This venue is not your typical fashion show location and that's completely intentional! We can't wait to share this memorable experience with you!

The food, entertainment, VIP area and the show itself is going to make this one of your most memorable events of the year!

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Are you a fashion designer?

Showcase your work on the runway!

  • Equal share of all profits from event ticket sales!*

  • Up to 15 mins runway time (minimum 10 pieces are recommended)

  • Receive professional photos of your show at the event 

  • Get a dedicated feature in the TFE magazine at the event

  • A dedicated page on the Toronto Fashion Experience website for 1 year

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Want to be a vendor?

Vendor applications are closed, however, we might be able to make arrangements depending on the nature of your business

Vendors spots are limited for this year's event. Please contact us if you are interested in being a vendor

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Become an event sponsor

Show your support & get exposure at the event!

We are open to all sponsorship types. Feel free to select from one of our packages or contact us if you wish to provide other forms of sponsorship.

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