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Sean Farmer

Suits by Curtis Eliot, founded by Sean Farmer, is a pioneer in the world of custom clothing, with a track record of over 3,000,000 custom orders made. The brand's commitment to providing the style a person wants in a size that fits has made it a favorite among high-profile clients across a range of industries, from movie producers, actors, comedians, screenwriters, professional athletes, TV stars, and models to top 10 music artists in pop, rap, EDM, country, rock, punk, reggae, gospel, and hip-hop such as Shawn Mendez, Jared Bush & More. This diverse client base is a testament to the brand's ability to cater to the unique needs of each individual.


The future of retail fashion is moving toward custom clothing, and Suits by Curtis Eliot is at the forefront of this trend. Each custom-made garment is tailored to an individual's specific size and style preferences, allowing for a perfect fit and unique style. The brand's expertise in traditional tailoring techniques and attention to detail has contributed to its success in delivering exceptional craftsmanship delivering a custom item in days instead of weeks and months. This is mass manufacturing precision and efficiency on an individual level.


With a diverse client base and a reputation for exceptional craftsmanship, the brand is poised to continue influencing the fashion industry for years to come.

Edmonton, AB



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