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Kareem Mitchell

Introducing Kareem Mitchell, the Toronto artist behind KDJM Studio. Kareem has a professional background in Urbanism, Architecture and Design and combines various visual techniques through creative exploration.


With a passion for innovation, Kareem’s visual approach has gained him visibility among industry experts in architecture, fashion and education and his interdisciplinary interests have led him to pursue artistic and academic projects in Europe, Asia, and Africa.


Kareem developed an interest in fashion by collaborating with upcoming fashion designers and by attending and working with several fashion shows in Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver. As an artist and designer, Kareem’s work aims to express emotion through the magnification of color and figure. He currently has artwork displayed at the OAG (Ottawa Art Gallery) and has successfully showcased a line of clothing based on his artwork for the 2023 RunwayTO and Fashion Art Toronto.


KDJM Studio is a creative venture at the intersection of art, fashion, and architecture. The mission at KDJM Studio is to celebrate the expressive power of art through fashion, crafting garments that incorporate rich colors, dynamic compositions, and abstract concepts while embodying a vision of elevating day-to-day silhouettes into wearable art.

Toronto, Canada


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