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Aleecia Cameron

Jamaican-born Aleecia Cameron always loved art and fashion but never thought that one day she would become a fashion designer. Though her educational background and career had a focus on computer technology and digital marketing she could never shake the need to create something with her hands.


In 2016, she decided to teach herself how to sew and within a few weeks of sewing, Aleecia got her first customer. Her sewing skills improved quickly and became a business called Make Me Fancy. She became known for her clean finishing and attention to detail - a side effect of her perfectionist side.


Over the years, Aleecia continued to make custom-made clothing for women while working full-time. She later added custom competitive dance costumes to the mix in 2019. With the urge to scale, she hopes to launch her ready-to-wear clothing line soon.


Her collection "Bloom" symbolizes the birth of something new, her growth as a brand and allowing it to flourish. Her line is colourful, fun, and flirty yet sophisticated which represents Aleecia's personality.

Toronto, Canada


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